Rebuilding Community

Thanks to the support and partnership of Donors, Aid Organisations, private corporations, timely direction by humanitarian agencies, governments and good work by Non profits and self help groups on ground helped communities cope with and recover from disaster, working with local community to help speed up recovery.

Hydraform Building System time and again emerged as an ideal solution to build semi and extendable to permanent shelter programs. Aim was to provide a community managed system which is sustainable and helps community rebuild while focus remained on post disaster emergency response for shelters or rehabilitation programs.

May it be after disaster situation arising after Orissa Cyclone, Tsunami in Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka, floods in Barmer Rajasthan, flash floods in Leh or massive Earth quake in Gujarat?  Hydraform worked with Non profits and social enterprises to provide skill training and production and quality assurance system, while donors helped community with Hydraform machines and other needed resources. In the process it helped rebuild the community and capacity of local communities.  Trained community participates in Construction of houses, schools, clinics, religious buildings and community centres and construction is quick, simple and cost effective.