Interlocking Building System

Hydraform interlocking building system offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the conventional brick and mortar masonry without changing the basics of the conventional building system.

The Hydraform building system uses the following two technologies:

Interlocking Block making using Hydraform hydraulic block making machines:

Hydraform machines offer the ease of production in a factory as well as on-site production. Onsite production saves transportation cost and ensures uninterrupted supply chain. These machines are robust and suitable for onsite mobility. There is flexibility to use variety of locally available raw materials such as fly ash, subsoil, agricultural residues and other waste materials mixed with sand and cement. Re-cycling this waste in block making helps sustainability environment.

Interlocking masonry for constructing walls that are largely dry stacked or using minimal mortar/slurry:

These interlocking blocks have tongue and groove profile on 4 faces of block that helps auto fix among the blocks which enhances structural stability, thus reducing the requirement of mortar or slurry. The walls made up through this technique hardly require cement plaster as the pre-pointed straight masonry and face brick finish renders an elegant and attractive look.

Major Benefits of Hydraform Interlocking Masonry to Clients

Minimal Material Cost – Interlocking technique enhances structural strength and requirement for mortar is reduced which translates into minimization of material cost.

Reduced Transportation Cost – Hydraform offers machines which are fixed on road worthy tire mounted tow hitch trolley chassis which enables easy onsite portability and production thus reducing transportation cost to proportionately negligible.

Fast Construction – An expert block layer team can lay up to 800 blocks per day which are equivalent to laying 2400 standard stock bricks per day. Also, no post-construction work is required on wall masonry.

Versatile Construction Technique – Hydraform blocks are compatible with mostly all window, door, slab and roofing systems that are used with conventional systems which speak volumes of its versatility.

Easy Construction – Hydraform dry-stacked masonry is so easy to learn and implement that even unskilled labors can be trained to do masonry with minimal efforts. Hydraform also assists in the training of the on-site production crew.

Eco-friendly Construction – Locally available materials which could are otherwise be waste can be used as raw material for manufacturing blocks. This helps in efficient recycling and waste management. Water consumption is less compared to the conventional techniques as it requires much less mortar /slurry. Average soil cement Hydraform block wall has a carbon footprint that is as low as 40 kg CO2 per square meter.

Load Bearing And Framed Structures – Hydraform Blocks can be made with high compressive strength for Load-bearing structures. The strength and density can be customized according to the varied fly ash suiting the technical specification for framed / multi-storied construction.