Multi level Residential Projects

Multi-Level mid and high rise residential housing projects designed on framed structure and bricks faced disruption, high prices and poor quality in conventional bricks supply chain – time and again due to strikes and bans by courts to promote environmental considerations. Developer companies explored options and Hydraform fitted well into such situation. Interlocking Fly Ash based blocks made from Hydraform block machines set up on site was an ideal solution. Project Developers set up Hydraform machines on site and contractors were trained to make good quality blocks. Hydraform helped design high quality light weight fly ash blocks made on same machines for effective use in high rise due to load considerations. Blocks provided flexibility as they could be used as mix with bricks in walls and requirement to do plaster in compliance with original Project design specifications.

Advantages to project:

  • Interlocking masonry was faster and cost effective
  • Lighter density than regular bricks