Institutional Buildings using Appropriate Technology

Periyar Mennium University (PMU) decided use an environment friendly appropriate building technology for its New Delhi campus. PMU is famous for coaching vocation oriented courses and job ready skills to its students. While building was being made they wanted facility be used as brick block making and mason training centre.  Hydraform was shortlisted. Entire soil excavated from site was used to make soil stabilized interlocking blocks using Hydraform machines set up on site itself. Once all soil from site was consumed, fly ash from nearest power station was brought in. Interlocking blocks with high finish were made that blended very well with framed structure. Once walling requirement was met with, Hydraform designed moulds to make interlocking paver blocks for entire driveway inside the campus. Underground parking, ground + 3 level building was made using Hydraform building system. Result was minimal post construction waste, use of post industrial / construction waste in construction to be eligible for relevant credits for green building technology as also cost savings by replacing conventional brick – mortar – plaster and time.