Hydraform has been successfully working on cross sector collaborations with nonprofits in social and development sector. We have been a dependable technology and training resource to NGOs, Multi lateral development agencies and Corporations for their CSR programs.  

Hydraform Building Technology and training has a remarkable presence in the social sector as it provides a cost-effective and sustainable solution in the field of post-disaster rehabilitation for shelter re-construction, skill development programs as well as mass housing projects.

Its reputation in this field has won the trust of various prestigious, national as well as international, institutions and has made it a popular choice for projects in social sector for and in conjunction with International / Multilateral aid / Donor agencies and Development Bodies and Social / Economic empowerment programs. Some of the organizations, under the corporate social responsibility initiative, have funded various such projects using Hydraform Building technology and machines, through a network of Professional Organizations, Non Profits and NGOs.

Hydraform Building Technology and training also play a vital role in empowering the vulnerable class through employment generation, skill enhancement and capacity building. Likewise, Hydraform building system and machines have been very effective and successful technology in the following kind of projects:

Sustainable Building practices: Harmful industrial waste such as fly ash and agricultural residues are used as raw material during the building process which reduces the cost on one hand and carbon footprint on the other.

Habitat and livelihood projects: In association with these nonprofit institutions Hydraform efficiently assisted in execution of habitat and livelihood projects for the less privileged and vulnerable sections.

Social and financial balancing solutions: As we provide a cost-effective alternative to the conventional construction methods, backward and homeless people benefit the most from these projects.

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (R& R): With speedy construction mechanism which uses locally available raw material the interlocking block technology offered by Hydraform is best suited for reconstruction and rehabilitation in case of disastrous devastation.

Developing Self Help groups: Hydraform System encourages use of locally available resources such as raw materials, train local manpower to develop self-help groups with entrepreneurship skills and operate as a social enterprise.

Community Skill Enhancement and Capacity Building: Hydraform empowers the unskilled people through training to make them employable so that they can be absorbed in industry easily and are fairly compensated.

Newer construction techniques: Adoption of new techniques lead to the development and Hydraform pioneers in it.

Community participation: The reconstruction and rehabilitation program involves community participation thus making the entire processes inclusive.

Construction workers training programs: The experienced trainers of Hydraform impart on-site training to a large number of the worker so as to prepare them to face the construction challenges and unforeseen situations.

Developing Building Material Services Bank: As a part of logistics management it is developed as resource pool to ensure uninterrupted supply of building material and skilled manpower services.

Skill development & Employment Generation: The big projects employ a large number of highly skilled, skilled,semi-skilled as well as unskilled workers. Training is imparted to these workers continuously which make them shift their category from unskilled to semi-skilled and so on.

Poverty Alleviation: Employment generation and capacity building ultimately result in poverty alleviation. Also due to use local material and manpower the economic benefits remain within the community.

Appropriate Technology Dissemination: The technology development is successful in true sense only if it is disseminated properly. Hydraform does it through conducting and assisting training programs.

Hydraform proudly owns the success stories of some rehabilitation and reconstruction programs which were undertaken using Hydraform technologies and training. These projects include the earthquake rehabilitation project in Gujarat, the post-cyclone rehabilitation in Odisha, the post-tsunami reconstruction in south India and Sri Lanka, Barmer Flood rehabilitation and shelter program, Leh flash flood rehabilitation project etc.