Appropriate Building Technology & Affordable Housing

Hydraform – An Appropriate & Affordable Building Technology (ABT)

Hydraform optimally meets “appropriateness tests” to qualify as Appropriate Building technology:
  • Is Building material (Blocks) produced locally
  • Is raw material locally available or in vicinity
  • Does it involve high transportation cost to deliver to construction site
  • Is technology and machinery easily available
  • Can machinery and equipment be installed on site
  • Is training available. Are skills easily transferable for ease of use and understanding to make it adaptable by local labour.
  • Does production process involve high energy consumption or generate waste
  • Is Building material and construction technique environmentally sustainable, cause pollution or material recyclable
  • Is material and technology affordable and meets with quality and technical parameters
  • Does the material and construction technique provide sufficient safety against common natural hazards (eg fire, biological agents, heavy rain, hurricanes, and earthquakes)?
  • Can repairs and replacements be done using local resources in the form of material & skills
  • Is the material socially acceptable by local habitat in terms of perceived socio – economic standards and believes? Does it match with the materials and constructions of nearby buildings?

Hydraform blocks are made from movable and static Hydraform block machines and mixers that can be installed at site itself. Raw material such as sub soil, fly ash or other locally available materials with sand & cement are used and blocks can be made on site. Hydraform provides all technical knowledge and training to local people to make it easy to implement, train people and quickly scale into small scale business opportunity by transferring technology. It also improves economic wealth of community.