Affordable & Sustainble Housing

En masse Affordable housing projects designed and managed by reputed Architects and Engineering firms used combination of various appropriate and affordable technologies.

In some of their accomplished projects, Mr. ‘Promod Adlakha, Managing Director of Adlakha & Associates Pvt. ltd has smartly utilized unique features of Hydraform masonry. These features include flexibility to cast blocks on construction site to save transportation cost, using locally available materials like site Soil or fly ash. Building design was made compatible for load bearing construction, high compressive strength blocks, conduit blocks for horizontal & vertical reinforcements to help save cost while building earth quake and storm- resistant structures.

One of such project is load bearing Ground plus 3 level housing project for industrial employees. Hydraform machines were set up on site, local team of contractors were trained by Hydraform to make interlocking blocks using captive fly ash available as a waste by product of industrial process. High finish interlocking blocks helped save mortar and plaster, reinforcement in a load bearing design while meeting requirements of earthquake resistant design.