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Don’t get into trap of buying cheap copied machines or spare parts from fly by night operators or suppliers known to sell cheap copies. Buying cheap products supplied by copiers is sometimes tempting. But we all know these copiers are there to make quick money. They have no experience and expertise in copied products and have no commitment to product they sell or care about customers.

You cannot rely on copied machines or such suppliers. This is not a consumable product. It’s capital machinery being purchased to run serious business to make money. How can you commit uninterrupted and quality brick blocks supply to your customer based on unreliable product or supplier? Your customer also perceives your product as cheap copy and pays you accordingly.

Hydraform knows its products and is committed to supply quality and service.

Decision is yours – Today spending a little more money on your original Hydraform machine is worth it in the long run. All machines and accessories you need come with warranty.