Pan Mixer

Hydraform Pan Mixer is a planetary type mixer. It is suitable for mixing fine particles like soil / fly ash / sand / cement etc. It is on a static frame with a top mounted planetary type gear box and electric motor to give optimum drive and efficiency on a given power requirement.

Mixed material is down loaded from the bottom. It is available in roller or blender type options. Blender mixer is fitted with scrapers and is suited for soil or fly ash based raw material mix that is relatively dry at the time of mixing. Roller mixer is fitted with heavy rollers and scrapers and suitable for fly ash based mixes or those with very wet or lumpy kind of materials at the time of mixing. This mixer is suitable for medium to large size block production sites. The capacity is good enough to feed 1 unit of double chamber block machine e.g M7S2E / M7 Twin OR feed 2 units of single chamber block machine e.g M7E / M7D.

Following are specification and subject to change:

  • Capacity: 400 – 450 litres per batch depending on type of material and mix ratio used.
  • Weight: ± 1500 kg
  • Dimensions (approx): Drum Diameter = 1.5m, Height = 2.
  • Power source: Electric motor 7.5 kW, 440v, 3 phase
  • Frame: Sturdy steel static type

Please consult us for suitable mixer option.

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