Hydraform Training

Training is core to Hydraform Building System to make quality blocks and structures. Our experienced trainers provide comprehensive training to customers. On site training is preferred to facilitate client to work in their own environment and using their locally available soils or other raw materials. Training can be arranged in most parts of India and Asian region through our dedicated or approved trainers.

A typical onsite training can be from 7- 10 days depending on site conditions and level of preparations. Broadly training covers following elements:

  • Machine commissioning
  • Raw material selection & mix design
  • Block making & curing
  • Interlocking construction
  • Machine running & maintenance

Advantages of On Site training

  • Large group or entire block production crew can be trained in one go
  • It helps to work with and train using locally available materials
  • Helps set up and organize block-yard
  • During training itself construction of a demonstration unit on your site
  • Option of taking Certificate of training

Technical & market development assistance

Need based assistance can be provided on suitable terms for interlocking block masonry application for large projects. Please consult Hydraform experts for developing technical specifications, feasibility analysis, raw material selection & assessments, quality & rate analysis, technical parameters like compressive strength, density tailored to the specific projects. Hydraform initiates market development activities for promoting usage of interlocking masonry in large projects. Such intitiatives facilitate creating opportunities for block supply or on site vendor supply arrangements which is passed on to suitable Hydraform clients.

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