Green Building & Waste Utilization projects

Construction industry, users and building industry professionals are increasingly opting for green buildings. These buildings among others , are energy efficient , conscious of resource utilization / recycling and opt for building materials that are made from recycled waste and having better thermal properties.Due to nascent green building industry the availability of suitable materials is restricted and is of high cost against conventional building materials.

This supply and cost gap can ideally be filled by Hydraform building system. Hydraform Block making process is very Eco friendly and uses locally available and regional materials. Materials used are either excavated sub soil from site, post industrial(Fly ash) , agricultural(rice husk ash) or consumer waste (pulverized construction debris).These waste are checked for their suitability and appropriately blended with sand , cement and water. The blend is mixed in Hydraform pan mixer and hydraulically compacted in Hydraform block machines. These machines are available in mobile options also to make blocks either at site of construction or at source of material. In the process there is a immense saving of energy and transportation .Block Curing is by water and does not involve any burning. Hydraform Blocks thus made can have low embodied energy and better thermally efficiency. Hydraform Interlocking block masonry facilitates almost mortar less construction thus reducing masonry embodied energy and creating a thermal envelope leading to minimal loss of heat from walls.

Thus Hydraform building system is an ideal Green Building facilitator. One can achieve suitable rating points under Leed (IGBC) or under TERI GRIHA. Pls consult Hydraform team for tailor made solutions. See slide show of some of the projects:


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