Green Building

Hydraform Block making process does not involve any burning of blocks and are instead water cured. Blocks can be made on site reducing transportation cost and energy. The Raw material used are locally available near to site for example excavated soil, fly ash (waste of brunt coal), quarry dust or other possible options.

A suitable blend is created using minimal cement.

Blocks have low embodied energy and are thermally efficient thus returning savings on energy consumption and cost

Hydraform interlocking masonry is largely dry stacked and use minimal cement and sand in mortar. Blocks have pre-pointed beveled edges and exposed brick finish obviating the need of plaster or minimal plaster if required.

Thus Hydraform machine made interlocking blocks and resultant masonry makes a Green Building facilitator.

One can achieve suitable rating points by using Hydraform technology.

If you are planning a green building, require building material or set up a business that can claim carbon credits under CDM, these blocks are
Eco – correct!


Hydraform technology has been a suitable option for Green Building projects involving:

  • Fly Ash Utilization
  • Environment friendly Building Practices
  • Eco-Housing
  • CDM / projects targeting Carbon Credits
  • Green Building Ratings like LEED, TERI-GRIHA
  • Improving thermal properties while using excavated soil or waste ash
  • Utilizing waste like marble powder, Rice husk ash, granite slurry, sludge lime or gypsum as waste etc

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