Technical Tips

Block Length

Consistency in mixing and moisture is the key to good quality block. Attached sheet guides on maintaining moisture and block length

Block Length Block Length

Cement Content Per Block

Maintaining right quantity of usage of cement in block mix not only produces good quality blocks but also savings on cost. Attached sheet guides on cement content usage

Cement Content Per Block Cement Content Per Block

Curing Hydraform Blocks

Wherever cement is used, it is vitally important that it should be properly ‘cured’ (kept wet). Cement needs water to gain strength (to hydrate). Cement requires 28 days to achieve full strength; it achieves only about 65% strength in the first 7 days, and about 85% in 14 days. Curing is particularly important with Hydraform blocks where the cement requirement is low.

Curing Hydraform Blocks Curing Hydraform Blocks

Guide on Soil Selection for Stabilized earth Block

Hydraform blocks can be produced with a sandy soil with a clay content between 5-20% and silt content of 5-25%. Blocks can even be produced with higher clay and silt contents, but you need to determine the plasticity index to see if the soil is suitable for block production.

Guide to Soil Selection Guide on Soil Selection for Block Production

Guide to produce 1500 blocks

A 7 man team can produce 1500 blocks per day if the following procedure is followed.

Guide to Produce 1500 blocks Guide to produce 1500 blocks per day

House Plans plus Approximate Number of Blocks

House Plans plus approx no blocks House Plans

How to check if the wear plates are worn on your machine

Measure the shoulder of the block not the centre. New wear plates give a block height of 115 to 116mm. Worn wear plates will be around 117 to 118mm or more.

How To Check Wear Plates How to check if the wear plates are worn on your machine

Hydraform Building Systems

Best practice specifications for building single storey residential housing using 220mm wide Hydraform interlocking dry stacked soil cement blocks.

Hydraform Building System Hydraform Building Systems

Hydraform Load bearing Walls

Hydraform recommends that when building a double or triple storey building with Hydraform blocks a professional structural engineer is used to design the building.

Hydraform Load Bearing Walls Hydraform Loadbearing Walls

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