Social, Development & Shelter Projects

Hydraform facilitates community based and managed shelter construction and affordable housing projects, may it be -

  • Affordable housing linked to various social housing schemes by govt. and donors
  • Post disaster rehabilitation works
  • Relief & Rehabilitation programs (R & R)
  • Community Infrastructure – schools, medical centers, community centers, etc
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs
  • Skill & employability development programs. Rural Area development focused programs
  • Setting up Community managed Building Material and Services Bank (BMSB)for supply of appropriate Building materials , Sustainable Technology and services for construction

Hydraform can assist development sector projects by providing block making machines, technical know how and conduct training programs for skill development & capacity building in the community for Self Help Groups (SHG), NGO s & local governing bodies.

Some of the projects using Hydraform technology:

  • Aashryae project – post Cyclone rehabilitation housing in Orissa India
  • Earthquake rehabilitation community infrastructures & shelters in Gujarat, India
  • Tsunami rehabilitation shelters in India and Sri Lanka
  • Flood Rehab shelters in Barmer, Rajasthan
  • Flash floods Rehab in Leh, Kashmir, India
  • Rehab shelters in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Church, Residential schools by Marantha, AP, India
  • Mission Schools by Partnership Mission, Manipur, India
  • Community infrastructure by Science Centre, Shillong, Meghalya, India
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Projects.


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