Social Sector

Hydraform Building Technology & Training has been a choice for projects in social sector for International / Multilateral aid / Donor agencies and Development Bodies who consistently look for effective, efficient technology solutions for social sector initiatives in the field of Post Disaster Rehabilitation & Shelter programs, Mass housing, Employment generation and Social / Economic empowerment programs.

Some of the Prestigious institutions like UNDP, Action Aid, Tata Relief, CARE, HUDCO, BMTPC & corporates under their corporate social responsibility initiatives, in past have funded projects using Hydraform Building technology and machines, through a network of Professional Organizations, NGOs, self help and other implementation groups that facilitate to achieve such program objectives.

Hydraform building system and machines has been very effective and successful technology in following kind of projects:

  • Sustainable Building practices
  • Habitat and livelihood project for less privileged
  • Social and Financial balancing solutions
  • Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (R& R)
  • Developing Self Help groups
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Newer construction techniques
  • Community participation
  • Community Skill Enhancement
  • Construction workers training programs
  • Developing Building Material Services Bank
  • Skill development & Employment Generation
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Appropriate Technology Dissemination

Some of the post disaster rehabilitation projects that have successfully used Hydraform machines, technology & training are Earth Quake Rehabilitation Project in Gujarat, Orissa Cyclone rehabilitation project, Tsunami rehabilitation projects in South India & Sri Lanka, Shelter program in Sri Lanka, Barmer Flood rehabilitation and shelter programs, Leh flash flood rehabilitation project, and host of other employment / skill development/ community managed resource utilization under rural & resettlement program.

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